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Q and A with Tyndall Park candidates

April 11, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - The Times contacted candidates in the April 19 provincial election to answer questions for voters. Below are responses from Tyndall Park candidates Ted Marcelino (NDP), Aida Champagne (Lib), Naseer Warraich (PC) and Shane Neustaeter (Green).

Tyndall Park

April 6, 2016

CTV News - Ted Marcelino is the incumbent in the electoral division of Tyndall Park. Manitoba election 2016 candidates: - Aida Champagne (Liberal) - Ted Marcelino (NDP) - Shane Neustaeter (Green) - Naseer Warraich (PC) ...

Questionnaire Response

Shane Neustaeter - Tyndall Park

1. Why did you decide to run in the 2016 Manitoba election?

I have been increasingly angry over the condescension in politics towards the citizens they claim to serve while lining their pockets and even ignoring their own laws… While voicing these concerns I was noticed by James Beddome (Leader of the Green) and asked to run for office, realizing that i could do some real good should i be elected i accepted the offer.

2. What experience will you bring to complement your role as MLA?

I have worked in all three major natural resource sectors (forestry in BC, Oilfield in Alberta, and Mining in Northern Manitoba) so i have seen what needs to be changed with my own eyes. Also being a full time single parent (one of whoom is autistic) i understand fully the needs of the special needs community and am very close to this topic.

3. Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our province? In your electoral division?

I want to see the implementation of the Guaranteed Annual Income Program proven to work and that can halve the the poverty rate. I want to end the exorbitantly large bonuses that plague the executive class of government employees and crown executives in the province and put a provincial employee salary cap of $100,000 a year to funnel more public money back to the public where it belongs. Also the lowering of MLA wages and the end to honorariums of MLA committee members.

4. What key issue(s) / topic(s) would like to stand for in your role as MLA, and why is it important to you?

Shorter wait times for special needs services, and end to special needs timeouts, an end to property tax funded school funding, an end to paying for ambulance rides, a revamping of the cfs system and the implementation of the Guaranteed Annual Income Program. As a father to an autistic child i have waited long for services and i have friends and family that are currently in long waits for these services. I have had low points in my life and am very aware of the difficulties of being on a lower fixed income while trying to raise a family, everyone needs a living wage.

5. What is one thing in particular that you value about the electoral division that you wish to represent?

They are a great group of very hard working people from many walks of life and that represent many cultures, to see them function as well adjusted community is inspiring and drives me to do everything i can for them.

6. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I am new and have fresh eyes, open ears and an open mind. I believe this is the key to making a lasting change for the good in our community and our province.