Ken Henry

Green candidate in the Borderland Southern Manitoba race.

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Questionnaire Response

Ken Henry - Borderland

1. Why did you decide to run in the Manitoba election?

It was a honour to be asked to run for the Greens in Borderland. This is my home community and neighbours and I’d love to speak up for the people we want to represent. We need action, we have plans, we are not your typical “me vs. you” politicians; we can make a difference for the future, and I Believe the time is now!

2. Why should a voter consider electing you to represent them?

Over the years, I have worked for and with many politicians. I took what I thought of as the best parts of their approach and incorporated those aspects that I believed in. In other words, I’m a student of human beings. I’m very disciplined in that I will do what I need to do to ensure our voice is heard, to make change and most importantly, will always attempt to make people feel safe to voice an opinion or concern and act to address the issues.

3. What key issue(s) / topic(s) will you stand for in your role as MLA, and why are these important to you?

Borderland is Agriculture based, we must endeavor to ensure our farmers can move from fossil fuels to more energy efficient technologies by providing tax breaks and incentives. Moreover, we must ensure our local infrastructure is repaired and most importantly, forward thinking, ie Clean.

I also recognize that there are many Seniors that are worried about their fixed incomes not keeping up with the rising cost of inflation; Our elderly have done their duty for us, it’s time for us to ensure they are comfortable.

Poverty is a root cause of many issues including drug, alcohol and substance abuse; ensuring adequate means to help those stuck in that cycle should be a humanitarian effort. Perhaps more importantly attacking the root cause of poverty with a Basic Income plan can and will improve these issues, saving healthcare costs and leading to positive economic outcomes for people and business.

A Healthy Healthcare system is a very Canadian concept, we must invest in our Emergency centres, Doctor’s, Nurses and Front-line healthcare workers, always!

4. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

What a great thing to get out, talk to people, hear concerns in an area that I love. Borderland deserves to have a person like me to represent who and what we are. I believe and hear we are ready for that Change and I will work hard for your vote and trust. I’ve always said this, “People in this area have always been good to me and my family; we have an opportunity to truly show Manitoba what Real change looks like and Make change together as one. Merci, Meegwetch and Thanks Borderland, Love You!”

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Lists with a Manitoba twist

November 1, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - You could almost picture him there.”Hanlon, who has written Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens and co-authored The Manitoba Book of Everything, was inspired by David Wallechinsky’s The Book of Lists volumes published in the 1970s and ‘80s. With that in mind, Winnipeg author Christine Hanlon set out to chronicle all manner of notable Manitoba landmarks, personalities and much more in her book Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists, published by MacIntyre Purcell. With that in mind, Winnipeg author Christine Hanlon set out to chronicle all manner of notable Manitoba landmarks, personalities and much more in her book Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists, published by MacIntyre Purcell. Hanlon, who has written Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens and co-authored The Manitoba Book of Everything, was inspired by David Wallechinsky’s The Book of Lists volumes published in the 1970s and ‘80s. Here is a selection of lists from Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists:12 Manitoba InventionsManitobans are a resourceful bunch.

Manitoba election results

October 21, 2019

Winnipeg Sun - Polls reporting as of midnight(14 members)Brandon-Souris 175:177xLarry Maguire CON 25,509Ashley Duguay NDP 5,667Terry Hayward LIB 4,908Bill Tiessen GRN 2,914Robin Lussier PPC 664Rebecca Hein CHP 272Vanessa Hamilton IND 209Robert Eastcott IND 103Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley 176:181Marty Morantz CON 18,008xDoug Eyolfson LIB 15,636Ken St. George NDP 6,300Kristin Lauhn-Jensen GRN 2,054Steven Fletcher PPC 1,882Melissa Penner CHP 156Brian Ho IND 130Churchill-Keewatinook Aski 110:155xNiki Ashton NDP 7,724Cyara Bird CON 3,880Judy Klassen LIB 2,692Ralph McLean GRN 869Ken Klyne PPC 239Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa 216:235Dan Mazier CON 23,609Laverne Lewycky NDP 5,099Cathy Scofield-Singh LIB 4,807Kate Storey GRN 1,989Frank Godon PPC 671Jenni Johnson CHP 423Elmwood-Transcona 177:187xDaniel Blaikie NDP 18,457Lawrence Toet CON 15,222Jennifer Malabar LIB 4,914Kelly Manweiler GRN 1,341Noel Gautron PPC 478Kildonan-St. Paul 191:205Raquel Dancho CON 18,012xMaryAnn Mihychuk LIB 11,036Evan Krosney NDP 8,525Rylan Reed GRN 1,614Martin Deck PPC 527Spencer Katerynuk CHP 256Eduard Hiebert IND 95Portage-Lisgar 215:229xCandice Bergen CON 29,263Ken Werbiski LIB 4,364Cindy Friesen NDP 3,558Beverley Eert GRN 2,130Aaron Archer PPC 1,080Jerome Dondo CHP 808Provencher 177:193xTed Falk CON 28,876Trevor Kirczenow LIB 5,564Erin McGee NDP 5,362Janine G. Gibson GRN 2,553Wayne Sturby PPC 1,023Saint Boniface-Saint Vital 168:183xDan Vandal LIB 18,063Rejeanne Caron CON 14,046Billie Cross NDP 7,299Ben Linnick GRN 2,400Adam McAllister PPC 612Sharma Baljeet IND 274Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman 256:265xJames Bezan CON 29,147Robert A. Smith NDP 8,327Detlev Regelsky LIB 5,542Wayne James GRN 2,729Ian Kathwaroon PPC 629Winnipeg Centre 168:175Leah Gazan NDP 11,942xRobert-Falcon Ouellette LIB 10,221Ryan Dyck CON 6,821Andrea Shalay GRN 1,544Yogi Henderson PPC 457Stephanie Hein CHP 245Winnipeg North 165:172xKevin Lamoureux LIB 14,034Kyle Mason NDP 7,865Jordyn Ham CON 6,315Sai Shanthanand Rajagopal GRN 844Victor Ong PPC 288Henry Hizon CHP 260Kathy Doyle IND 197Andrew Taylor COM 114Winnipeg South 160:178xTerry Duguid LIB 17,250Melanie Maher CON 16,009Jean-Paul Lapointe NDP 5,812Paul Bettess GRN 1,744Mirwais Nasiri PPC 352Winnipeg South Centre 189:197xJim Carr LIB 19,922Joyce Bateman CON 13,136Elizabeth Shearer NDP 8,035James Beddome GRN 2,743Jane MacDiarmid PPC 511Linda Marynuk CHP 90Legend: APP–Animal Protection Party of Canada; BQ–Bloc Quebecois; CFF–Canada’s Fourth Front; CHP–Christian Heritage Party; CNP–Canadian Nationalist Party; COM–Communist Party of Canada; CON–Conservative Party of Canada; GRN–Green Party of Canada; IND–Independent; LIB–Liberal Party of Canada; LTN–Libertarian Party of Canada; ML–Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada; MP–Marijuana Party; NA–Non-Affiliated; NCA–National Citizens Alliance of Canada; NDP–New Democratic Party; PCP–Progressive Canadian Party; PIQ–Parti pour L’Independance du Quebec; PPC–People’s Party of Canada; RP–Parti Rhinoceros Party; SCC–Stop Climate Change; UPC–The United Party of Canada; VCP–Veterans Coalition Party of Canada; x–member of the last legislature.

Cowboys without starting offensive tackles vs. Jets

October 13, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - The Dallas Cowboys with their top-ranked offence will look to stop a two-game skid without its two starting tackles against the New York Jets. The Dallas Cowboys with their top-ranked offence will look to stop a two-game skid without its two starting tackles against the New York Jets. DALLAS-NEW YORK JETSCowboys: RT La'el Collins, LT Tyron Smith, WR Randall Cobb, WR Devin Smith, DE Joe Jackson, C Adam Redmond, DT Trysten Hill. Ravens: WR Marquise Brown, LB Patrick Onwuasor, CB Jimmy Smith, CB Anthony Averett, DT Daylon Mack, QB Trace McSorley, G Ben Powers. Vikings: LB Kentrell Brothers, LB Ben Gedeon, G Josh Kline, G Dru Samia, T Oli Udoh, DT Jalyn Holmes, DT Armon Watts.

Chargers’ Gordon expected to see 1st action of season

October 6, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - Melvin Gordon is expected to see his first action as the Los Angeles Chargers host the Denver Broncos. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)Melvin Gordon is expected to see his first action as the Los Angeles Chargers host the Denver Broncos. BALTIMORE-PITTSBURGHRavens: QB Trace McSorley, Jaleel Scott, CB Jimmy Smith, CB Anthony Averett, LB Kenny Young, G Ben Powers, DT Daylon Mack. GIANTS: RB Saquon Barkley, LB Lorenzo Carter, LB Alex Ogletree, LB Tae Davis, QB Alex Tanney, G Chad Slade, T Eric Smith. ATLANTA-HOUSTONFalcons: WR Olamide Zaccheaus, RB Qadree Ollison, CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, RB Kenjon Barner, G Jamon Brown, DT Deadrin Senat.

Here are the confirmed Manitoba candidates running in the 2019 federal election

September 23, 2019

CTV - WINNIPEG -- The federal election will be held Monday, Oct. 21, with advance voting taking place between Oct. 11 – 14. On Wednesday Elections Canada released its list of confirmed candidates. Here is who is running in Manitoba and their political parties, with links to their websites, if available (source: Elections Canada.) Note: an * indicates an incumbent candidate. Brandon-SourisAshley Duguay – New Democratic PartyRobert Eastcott – IndependentVanessa Hamilton – IndependentTerry Hayward – Liberal Party of CanadaRebecca Hein – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaRob Lussier – People’s Party of CanadaLarry Maguire – Conservative Party of Canada*Bill Tiessen – Green Party of CanadaChurchill-Keewatinook AskiNiki Ashton – New Democratic Party*Cyara Bird - Conservative Party of CanadaJudy Klassen – Liberal Party of CanadaKen Klyne – People’s Party of CanadaRalph McLean – Green Party of CanadaDauphin-Swan River-NeepawaFrank Godon – People’s Party of CanadaJenni Johnson – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaLaverne Lewycky – New Democratic PartyDaniel Mazier – Conservative Party of Canada*incumbent partyCathy Scofield-Singh – Liberal Party of CanadaKate Storey – Green Party of CanadaPortage-LisgarAaron Archer – People’s Party of CanadaCandice Bergen – Conservative Party of Canada*Jerome Dondo – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaBeverley Eert – Green Party of CanadaCindy Friesen – New Democratic PartyKen Werbiski – Liberal Party of CanadaProvencherTed Falk – Conservative Party of Canada*Janine Gibson – Green Party of CanadaTrevor Kirczenow – Liberal Party of CanadaErin McGee – New Democratic PartyWayne Sturby – People’s Party of CanadaSelkirk-Interlake-EastmanJames Bezan – Conservative Party of Canada*Wayne James – Green Party of CanadaIan Kathwaroon – People’s Party of CanadaDetlev Regelsky – Liberal Party of CanadaRobert A. Smith – New Democratic PartyCharleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-HeadingleyDoug Eyolfson – Liberal Party of Canada*Steven Fletcher – People’s Party of CanadaBrian Ho – IndependentKristin Lauhn-Jensen – Green Party of CanadaMarty Morantz – Conservative Party of CanadaMelissa Penner – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaKen St. George – New Democratic PartyElmwood-TransconaDaniel Blaikie – New Democratic Party*Noel Gautron – People’s Party of CanadaJennifer Malabar – Liberal Party of CanadaKelly Manweiler – Green Party of CanadaLawrence Toet – Conservative Party of CanadaKildonan-St. PaulRaquel Dancho – Conservative Party of CanadaMartin Deck – People’s Party of CanadaEduard Hiebert –IndependentSpencer Katerynuk – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaEvan Krosney – New Democratic PartyMaryAnn Mihychuk– Liberal Party of Canada*Rylan Reed – Green Party of CanadaSaint Boniface-Saint VitalRéjeanne Caron – Conservative Party of CanadaBillie Cross – New Democratic PartyBen Linnick – Green Party of CanadaAdam McAllister – People’s Party of CanadaBaljeet Sharma – IndependentDan Vandal – Liberal Party of Canada*Winnipeg CentreRyan Dyck – Conservative Party of CanadaLeah Gazan – New Democratic PartyStephanie Hein – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaYogi Henderson – People’s Party of CanadaRobert-Falcon Ouellette – Liberal Party of Canada*Andrea Shalay – Green Party of CanadaWinnipeg NorthKathy Doyle – IndependentJordan Ham – Conservative Party of CanadaHenry Hizon – Christian Heritage Party of CanadaKevin Lamoureux – Liberal Party of Canada*Kyle Mason – New Democratic PartyVictor Ong – People’s Party of CanadaSai Shanthanand Rajagopal – Green Party of CanadaAndrew Taylor – Communist Party of CanadaWinnipeg SouthPaul Bettess – Green Party of CanadaTerry Duguid – Liberal Party of Canada*Jean-Paul Lapointe – New Democratic PartyMelanie Maher – Conservative Party of CanadaMirwais Nasiri – People’s Party of CanadaWinnipeg South Centre

Saints DT Sheldon Rankins still out in game vs. Rams

September 15, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - New Orleans defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins will be inactive for a second straight week when the Saints face the Los Angeles Rams in a rematch of last year's NFC title game. ARIZONA-BALTIMORECardinals: OL Lamont Gaillard, OL Joshua Miles, OL Jeremy Vujnovich, OL Brett Toth, WR Andy Isabella, DL Jonathan Bullard, DL Michael Dogbe. MINNESOTA-GREEN BAYVikings: CB Mackensie Alexander, CB Mike Hughes, LB Ben Gedeon, G Pat Elflein, OT Olisaemeka Udoh, DT Jalyn Holmes, DT Armon Watts. NEW ORLEANS-LA RAMSSaints: CB Ken Crawley, DB Saquan Hampton, OL Nick Easton, OL Ethan Greenidge, WR Austin Carr, DT Taylor Stallworth, DT Sheldon Rankins. Rams: CB Nsimba Webster, CB David Long, CB Darious Williams, LB Ogbo Okoronkwo, C Coleman Shelton, OL Bobby Evans, TE Johnny Mundt.

NDP sweep in northern Manitoba, while rural south stays blue, CBC projects

September 10, 2019

CBC Manitoba - ...known as Emerson, CBC News projects Graydon will lose to PC Josh Guenter. He was also up against Liz Cronk of the NDP, Liberal Loren Braul, and Ken Henry with the Green...

Election battles are brewing outside the Perimeter

September 8, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - ...winning streak in the north, it could be a difficult night for Bindle. Borderland Cliff Graydon (Independent incumbent), Josh Guenter (PC), Ken Henry (Green) Candidates: Cliff Graydon (Independent incumbent), Josh Guenter (PC), Liz Cronk (NDP), Loren Braul (Liberal), Ken Henry (Green) ...

Borderland Candidates Speak At Forum Wednesday In Altona

August 29, 2019

Pembina Valley Online - ...were Liz Cronk for the New Democratic Party of Manitoba, Independent and incumbent MLA Cliff Graydon, Loren Braul for the Liberal Party of Manitoba, Ken Henry for the Green Party of Manitoba and Josh Guenter for the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba. Health care generated the most discussion...

Fessing up about criminal past

August 28, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - ...who are grossly overrepresented in the criminal justice system. At least three of the eight candidates who disclosed incidents in their past — Ken Henry (Borderland) of the Greens, and Wab Kinew (Fort Rouge) and Joe McKellep (Assiniboia) with the NDP — are Indigenous. McKellep, the candidate for...

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