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October 03, 2023

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Press Mentions

ChrisD.caApril 13, 2016

We all know social media plays a role in elections, but when compared provincially to four years ago, the increase is staggering. ManitobaElection.ca, a citizen-powered website offering everything you need to know before heading to the polls, has measured candidates’ social media usage using all platforms.

Red River College Red BlogOctober 3, 2011

While many students care deeply about these questions, some don’t feel well informed enough to play an active role in the election. To help overcome this barrier, two Red River College instructors have created an independent election website at ManitobaElection.ca.

People of Interest on CKUW – October 3, 2011

Radio interview with ManitobaElection.ca co-founder, Kyle Geske.

The Winnipeg HeraldSeptember 29, 2011

‘Promoting Voter Engagement’ a neighbourhood forum article by ManitobaElection.ca co-founder, Jody Gillis.

Internet Pundits on UMFMSeptember 28, 2011

Radio interview and panel discussion with ManitobaElection.ca co-founder, Kyle Geske.

MetroNews WinnipegSeptember 26, 2011

Cultivating more engaged voters is also the goal of [a] new website created for this campaign, ManitobaElection.ca.

U of W UniterSeptember 21, 2011

New informative election site aims to engage the disengaged.

Uptown MagazineSeptember 15, 2011 (Article)

ManitobaElection.ca has the answers to almost any question a person might have in advance of Oct. 4’s vote.

Uptown MagazineSeptember 15, 2011 (Blurb)

While all the major media outlets will have their own election coverage and online tools, this is an interesting project that provides valuable information for voters, created by the same team that developed WinnipegElection.ca last fall.

North End TimesSeptember 14, 2011

Kyle Geske, who helped co-create www.manitobaelection.ca, a website devoted to provincial election coverage and history, said one of the reasons why young Canadians aren’t more engaged in the political process is they aren’t provided with enough information.

Breakfast Television WinnipegSeptember 12, 2011

Exercise your right to vote! Co-founder of ManitobaElection.ca, Kyle Geske, is interviewed about engaging the youth vote online.

Red River College Red BlogSeptember 9, 2011

A pair of Red River College instructors have launched a new website aimed at helping Manitoba voters make an informed choice in the upcoming election.

Winnipeg Free PressSeptember 9th, 2011

Kyle Geske admits that as a young adult he was too overwhelmed by the lack of real information about elections to feel confident casting a ballot. More than a decade later he is leading the charge to inform the electorate with web pages chock full of non-partisan information about who is running, important dates and events, and how and when to vote.

CKLQ Brandon RadioSeptember 8th, 2011

Manitoba voters have a one stop shop to get information on candidates in the provincial election. A group of volunteers have created a website and spokesman Kyle Geske says they’ve made it as unbiased as possible.

ChrisD.caSeptember 8th, 2011

A website acting as a resource for information relating to Manitoba’s upcoming provincial election is catching on as more people begin to focus on the candidates and their policies.

MetroNews WinnipegSeptember 8th, 2011

ManitobaElection.ca has launched a non-partisan website that will provide electoral maps, educational resources and a list of election-related events.