Kathy Majowski

NDP candidate in the Lac Du Bonnet Southern Manitoba race.

Kathy can be reached on social media, or at [email protected].

Their response to our candidate questionnaire can be read below.

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Questionnaire Response

Kathy Majowski - Lac Du Bonnet

What key issues / topics will you stand for in your role as MLA, and why are these important to you?

I’ve worked in the Manitoba health system for over 20 years, and I’m passionate about improving supports and services for older adults. Increasing access to primary/preventative services is needed to improve health and well-being, prevent hospital visits, and ensure people are able to live in their homes and communities for as long as possible. I have seen first hand how the inefficiencies in health care are harming people and are costing the system, and I know that we can do better. I’ve already been working with Wab Kinew and the MLAs that represent my clients in my job, that’s how I know that an NDP government is listening to front line workers and is ready to make the much-needed and long overdue changes that our system needs.

The median age for the Lac du Bonnet constituency is almost 14 years older than the provincial median age and 27% of our constituents are 65 and older. With my skills and experiences I’m well positioned to advocate for the needs of older constituents, and I’ve been listening to and learning from people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions from the Lac du Bonnet constituency, to make sure that I understand the issues that are important to them and that I’m ready to work to address them. Education, economy, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, jobs, cost of living are all on my radar, and I’m not afraid to work hard and advocate for the folks I would represent as MLA.