Marcel Broesky

Green candidate in the Dawson Trail Southern Manitoba race.

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News that mentions Marcel Broesky

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Chemin-Dawson doit choisir son chemin

29 September 2023

La Liberte - ...qui a remporté l’élection de 2016 et de 2019, se représente cette année. Il s’opposera à deux autres candidats, Chris Wiebe du NPD et Marcel Broesky du Parti vert. L’équipe de La Liberté a contacté Chris Wiebe, mais n’a pas eu de réponse dans les délais exigés par la publication. De...

With no Liberal challenger, NDP hopes to pick up seat in southeastern Manitoba’s Dawson Trail

19 September 2023

CBC Manitoba - I will vocally support the NDP candidate here and in doing so, hope that the people that were supporting me will support the NDP candidate." Marcel Broesky is also running in Dawson Trail, representing the Green Party. Signs for NDP candidate Chris Wiebe, centre, and Progressive Conservative candidate...

NDP seek to make Lorette rink centre of rural election faceoff

19 September 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...and the NDP 22 per cent. The Liberals aren’t running a candidate in Dawson Trail this time around. Lagasse is again carrying the Tory banner. Marcel Broesky is the Green party candidate. “This is a bellwether constituency — it’s flipped back and forth,” Wiebe said after Tuesday’s event. The...