Monica Guetre

Liberal candidate in the La Vérendrye Southern Manitoba race.

Monica can be reached at [email protected], or by calling 204-434-7012.

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Questionnaire Response

Monica Guetre - La Vérendrye

What key issues / topics will you stand for in your role as MLA, and why are these important to you?

Heath care delayed is healthcare denied. Enough of hours in an emergency room, waiting for a specialist or months and months for surgery or seeing a family member die because they’ve waited too long.

Protect our drinking water. There is urgency for all of us in eastern Manitoba. Our right to clean drinking water is threatened.  Politicians should be following our laws.

Our seniors need protection – with a non-partisan Senior’s Advocate and the “Safe at Home” strategy for seniors to retrofit their homes and enhance accessibility. This is to ensure seniors can continue to live independently to reduce admissions into long-term care facilities.

Short shortsightedness should not be part of the formula in how we fund our education system. We will attract and retain educators for early learning to grade 12 through increased wage and benefit supports. Ensure  funding for K-12 and develop a 10-year education plan in partnership with teachers, parents, students and school divisions along with a curriculum review with the goal of ensuring national international best practices and the best outcomes for students.

Cost of living is a worry, how to pay our mortgages or rent, put food on the table and gas in our cars. All Manitobans earning up to $120,000 will be eligible for income tax relief; which represents 96% of us. Rip the band aid off of our property tax bill by ensuring genuine tax relief for us.

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