Tom Lindsey

NDP candidate in the Flin Flon Northern Manitoba race.

Tom can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-687-3246.

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Conservation crippled by cuts – Winnipeg Free Press

16 September 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - .../ Winnipeg Free Press) Manitoba doesn’t publicize the number of vacancies across government services, but in March NDP natural resources critic Tom Lindsey tabled documents showing the province had only been able to fill 81 of 102 conservation officer positions. The 20 per cent vacancy rate was the...

Manitoba wheelchair program in ‘critical position’ after denied funding boost

8 September 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - Repair technician positions will remain unfilled at Manitoba’s publicly funded wheelchair program, after the province rejected a recent budget increase request. The non-profit runs Manitoba’s wheelchair program and is responsible for supplying and maintaining approximately 14,000 wheelchairs to users across the province. The wheelchair program hasn’t had a funding increase since 2011. Manitoba Possible asked for funding for five additional technicians, which would’ve restored maintenance service to rural Manitoba. Cooke expressed concern the wheelchair program is unable to fulfill its obligation to provide basic mobility to its users.

Manitoba releases critical minerals strategy

25 July 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...A quick glance at the news for the upcoming day. Sign Up I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policies, and CASL agreement. But Tom Lindsey, NDP critic for natural resources and northern development, said “For seven years, Heather Stefanson has failed on mining in our province....

Le Manitoba se dote d’une nouvelle stratégie pour l’exploitation des minéraux critiques

25 July 2023

Ici Radio Canada / CBC Francais - ...un dialogue avec les communautés locales. Le porte-parole néo-démocrate en matière des ressources naturelles et le développement du Nord, Tom Lindsey, a critiqué le bilan des...

‘Desperate plea’ made to minister last year: agency

11 July 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - The agency that provides wheelchairs to Manitobans warned the health minister last year the program was being “financially starved” and wait times would keep getting longer, especially in rural areas. Chartrand informed the minister the wheelchair program can’t fully function across the province, contrary to its mandate, because it hasn’t received a funding increase since 2011. The agency considered its January 2022 letter “a desperate plea” to the health minister, but has still not received a response, Cooke said. On Monday, a Manitoba Health spokesperson simply reiterated the previous statement, this time without any mention of the funding request. “As part of the 2022/23 budget, we increased ongoing funding to Manitoba Possible by more than $550,000, and the annual budget for wheelchair funding this year is $1,138,655.

Brandon chosen as HQ for centralized dispatch of conservation officers

15 June 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...government,” said Nesbitt. The provincial government promised to fill vacant conservation officer positions, but it has failed to do so, said Tom Lindsey, the NDP critic. “Under the PC government’s watch, vacancies have more than doubled since 2021, with one in five positions currently empty. In...