Trevor Kirczenow

Liberal candidate in the Springfield - Ritchot Southern Manitoba race.

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News that mentions Trevor Kirczenow

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Une multitude d’enjeux dans Springfield-Ritchot

1 October 2023

La Liberte - ...(PC), avait remporté l’élection en 2019 et se représente en 2023. Il fait face à Tammy Ivanco du Nouveau Parti démocratique (NPD) et Trevor Kirczenow du Parti libéral (PL). Le défi des grands espaces dans cette circonscription est moindre que dans La Vérendrye qui a une plus grande superficie....

Former Liberal party leader campaigns for ‘close family friend’ PC MLA

24 September 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...she said. “I’m just not doing the partisan thing.” She expressed support for Shandi Strong, the Liberal candidate in Fort Garry, and Trevor Kirczenow, who is running for the Liberals in Springfield-Ritchot, on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday. Both candiates are...

Letters, Sept. 23 – Winnipeg Free Press

23 September 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...rights drive puts LGBTTQ+ students in harm’s way, trans Liberal MLA candidate warns (Sept. 21) After reading Maggie Macintosh’s article about Trevor Kirczenow’s experience as a trans youth who would have feared what could have been had he experienced today’s climate of fearmongering, I was surprised...

Parental rights drive puts LGBTTQ+ students in harm’s way, trans Liberal MLA candidate warns

21 September 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...announcing early on in the campaign the PC party would, if re-elected Oct. 3, formalize and enhance rights for guardians in the Public Schools Act. Trevor Kirczenow, a father who is running for the Manitoba Liberal Party in Springfield-Ritchot, said additional rights for parents sound appealing on the surface...

Manitoba election 2023 results: Springfield-Ritchot – Winnipeg

18 September 2023

Global News - ...for a complete breakdown of up to the minute results. Candidates PC Manitoba: Ron Schuler (Incumbent) New Democratic Party: Tammy Ivanco Liberal: Trevor Kirczenow