Uche Nwankwo

Liberal candidate in the Waverley Winnipeg race.

Uche can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-289-1568.

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Questionnaire Response

Uche Nwankwo - Waverley

What key issues / topics will you stand for in your role as MLA, and why are these important to you?

  1. Robust investment in our healthcare. This is critical to reduce the wait time and ensure that Manitobans receive affordable, accessible and timely healthcare, to avoid deterioration of health problems.
  2. More investment in durable road network. The cumulative socioeconomic, psychological, environmental, health and mental health effects of continuous road patching are unqualifieable.
  3. More investment in education, and strategic reevaluation, in partnership with stakeholders, to determine what needs to be changed. This is crucial to ensure quality, accessible, inclusive, and affordable education. Some families are turning to private schools. We must restore confidence in our public schools, otherwise, the inequality gap will continue to widen as more families send their children to to private schools as alternative.
  4.  Addressing issues of mental health, homelessness, safer streets and neighboourhoods. Mental health and cases of people experiencing homelessness is increasing. No individual deserves or desires to be homeless. We all require basic needs as humans.
  5. Restore accountability and trust in public service. There are many discouraged voters, and those who would rather choose ‘the lesser evil’. This is rendering our polity uncompetitive. If elected officials are not accountable or trustworthy, voting apathy becomes the norm.
  6. Treat Indigenous people equitably with full rights under the law. The Truth and Reconciliation agenda should be practical in all ramification. Issues of food insecurity, unemployment, homelessness, etc. must be addressed genuinely. 
  7. A stronger economic growth based on best practices. Focus on alternative revenue generation to grow the economy, supporting the Independent Manitoba Business Development Bank.

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